Here at Consumer Capital Advocates, you have more of a fighting chance to free yourself from debt.  Our method has one of the highest success rates if followed to completion.  We do what needs to be done for a consumer in debt that needs help

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It is by mass admission that the fact that payday loans are perhaps one of the worst financial decisions a person could possible take. The very definition of payday loans send out the message that it is one of the most illogical decisions one can

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Are Store Credit Cards A Good Idea?

There are many stores nowadays that offer store credit cards. Most of the time, customers will be incentivized by the promise of great savings every time they shop andwhen they sign up for the card. Some stores might offer up to 20% savings for shopperssigning

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30-Day versus Open Credit

Our entire society is run on credit. As time is the ultimate resource, we borrow the future in order to seize the present. This can be good and bad. It can even turn catastrophic if governments stretch the concept of credit to the breaking point

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What Consumer Capital Advocates Does

In any adult’s life, debts are few of the primary reasons of concern. If the person under question is doing well financially, the statement does not apply to them. However, more than fifty percent of the common people are usually under a lot of debt

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Why People Fall into Payday Loan Trap?

Payday loans have been deemed to be one of the worst financial decisions any person can make. Not only that, but they have been called a “crazy choice” by most people. It seems quite true as well seeing that most people take these payday loans

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Professional Credit Card Relief Solutions

If you make the choice to work to get debt out of your life, we will work with you in an effort to do it faster.

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