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I am soo disappointed with the services i have gotten i recieved an email stating i was all finished and yet they took the money out of my account still and then when i call i get well it has to go through this one and that one to be reviewed! I printed all my statements and reviewed them and there is no reason why they should of taken my money!everytime i call to get answers its always weeks before i get one!This place over charges they should have taken care of my issue the first time around and they did not! They are charging me for their fees which is ridiclous my account should have been closed already but because they want money they screwed me i got an over draft fee because i was informed i was done so the money was not in there! Its friday amd now i will have to wait till who knows when to hear anything and by that time they will say they owe me nothing! You are better off paying what you owe yo the lender especially because i only owed 1000 and by the time they decided to finally get it taken care of i paid 1625!

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Shanna Roy

I have nothing but good things to say about Consumer Capital Advocates. Everyone that I ever spoke with has always been super friendly and very helpful. They really care and they take the time to make sure you understand every step of the process. They definitely helped to put my mind at ease, and the program they setup for me was tailored in such a way that it was very manageable and affordable. I will highly recommend their service to anyone who could use it.

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marie e bittner

these people really helped me with my debt. very greatful.

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